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We know you're eager to see your business skyrocket to new heights, and that's exactly what we're here for! To kick things off with a bang, we'd love for you to fill out our marketing agency questionnaire.

Why? Because it's the ultimate secret sauce that helps us cook up the perfect marketing strategy, tailored just for you. By giving us the inside scoop on your business goals, challenges, and the people you're trying to reach, we can create a mind-blowing, results-driven campaign that will leave your competitors in the dust.

So, go ahead and spill the beans. Tell us everything we need to know to make your business the talk of the town. Remember, the more you share, the better we can help you crush it in the marketing arena. Let's do this!

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Prior to the strategy session, please make sure to do the following:

1 - Add Session to Calendar: When you open the email and scroll down, you’ll find the Zoom link and buttons to add the appointment to your calendar.

2 Fill out the Questionnaire: This we be very during the call so we can be as efficient with our time as possible.

3 - Write down any questions you have so you can go through them together during your call.

4 - Read or listen to Cerebral Corridors book, Veterinarians Marketing Plan [Read Time: less than 1 hr]

Looking forward to our session!

NOTE: If you can’t attend the call for whatever reason, please let us know ASAP.

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